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CLS awards more than $50,000 in financial aid each year to qualifying families.

Christ Lutheran School has a tremendous partnership with not only its parent congregation of Christ Lutheran Church, but the other Norfolk LCMS congregations of Grace Lutheran Church, Our Savior Lutheran Church, and Mount Olive Lutheran Church. Being active members at these churches may result in reduced tuition at CLS. Please ask for details.

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CSF of Omaha


Children’s Scholarship Fund of Omaha (CSF) believes that all families, regardless of income should be able to choose the best educational setting for their children. The mission of CSF is to provide partial- tuition scholarships so children from low-income families can access the private K-8 education of their choice. By providing scholarship assistance during the time a child’s educational foundation is being established, CSF believes that it is helping prepare children for continued success.

  • Each K-8 student in your family is eligible for a scholarship. Younger siblings may also be considered for a scholarship once they enter kindergarten.
  • Once you have applied and received a scholarship(s) your family becomes a ‘requalifying’ family. Meaning each year after applying your scholarship(s) can be renewed IF each year’s application continues to be complete, the correct documentation has been provided and there is available funding.
  • Your scholarship is transferable. If you decide to send your children to a different private school, CSF will transfer your scholarship to your new school if it resides in the counties we serve.

Please note: all program benefits are dependent upon availability of funding, a family’s continued financial eligibility, and adherence to CSF program requirements.

  • Every family must contribute at least $500 per year towards tuition for their child/children (paid to the school), and each CSF scholar must achieve an attendance rate of at least 90%. 
  • CSF parents/guardians must complete an online parent survey in the spring.
  • To transfer your scholarship to another school, your child’s former school must complete an Exit Confirmation Form. Your child’s scholarship will not be transferred until the school confirms your family is current on your payments. The new school must then complete a School Commitment Form.
  • Your child must comply with school standards. If your child is expelled from school, your child will lose his/her scholarship with no option to renew. This does not affect sibling’s scholarships.
  • You must agree to make your child’s academic information available for CSF program assessment (e.g., grades, test scores).
  • To renew your scholarship each year, you must fill out a requalification application. Applications are open online from February to early May each year.

If these requirements are not met, your student will not be eligible for scholarship renewal.

If you would like to learn more about Children’s Scholarship Fund of Omaha (CSF) go to 



Christ Lutheran School annually distributes over $50,000 in aid to its families that apply through FACTS Grant and Aid. These funds are accumulated through our annual Plant Sale, REVEL dinner auction, CLS foundation, and private donors. Families may apply at any time for grant and aid using the link below. Either sign in or create an account if you are a first time user of FACTS Grant and Aid.