5-Day Preschool


Mrs. Rhonda Henschen serves as our Preschool Director, as well as our 5-Day Preschool Teacher.



Rhonda Henschen

5-Day Preschool Teacher

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My name is Mrs. Henschen and I am so excited to be the 5-Day Preschool Teacher!

I am married to Pastor Nathan Henschen and we live in Bancroft. Our daughter, Rebekah, just moved to Oklahoma where she will be teaching 2nd grade at a Lutheran school. Our son, Micah, is a sophomore at Concordia University Nebraska.

I am excited about being back in a preschool classroom where we will explore, discuss, and work together as we learn about the world God made. 

 I previously taught 8 years in preschool in northern South Dakota, and 4 years of teaching 2nd-3rd grade in West Point, NE.

1 Thessalonians 4:16