Would you like to give to CLS?  We have many established foundations and funds that will bless our school!  We want any donation to go towards the fund that the giver has a heart for!  Any gift may be mailed to 511 S. 5th Street, Norfolk, Nebraska, 68701.  Gifts may be dropped off at the school as well.  Here are a few of the foundations and funds we have at CLS. 

Opportunity Scholarships of Nebraska

2024 brings a wonderful opportunity to help students who attend private schools and receive a dollar-for-dollar income tax credit for up to 50% of your Nebraska income tax liability. This is all part of the Opportunity Scholarships Act that was passed in Nebraska last year. 

Here’s how it works…Before the state limit of $25 million is reached, taxpayers can give approved tax contributions to the organization that handles these donations, which in our case is Opportunity Scholarships of Nebraska.  The “donor” can indicate a preference of school, but scholarships will be given to families in order of the highest need. Starting in mid-February, families that meet qualifications can apply to receive these scholarships. The donor receives a dollar for dollar state income tax credit, up to 50% of the individual, business, or corporation’s total tax liability (or up to $100,000).  

If you are interested in using your tax liability for opportunity scholarships, please select the icon that will have more information.  

Thank You for helping kids!

CLS FACTS Tuition Assistance Fund

CLS is funded strictly from tuition coming from its families and contributions from Christ, Grace, Our Savior, and Mount Olive Lutheran churches for members whose children attend CLS.  Sometimes, tuition can be a hardship on our families.  CLS has its own tuition assistance fund that families can apply to.  Our goal is to raise at least $60,000 to distribute to families in need.  These gifts help around 50-60 students a year!  Our tuition assistance committee is formed from the CLS board of education to distribute funds in July.  Funds are distributed based on need.  Donations to this fund help contribute to the monies needed to help our families. 

Derek Friedrich Memorial Scholarship Fund

The school foundation also oversees the Derek Friedrich Memorial Scholarship Fund.  This is a new fund established in 2022 that is designed to help with the CLS tuition assistance fund.  

Christ Lutheran School Foundation 

CLS has a foundation started in the 1980’s that has over $1 million in total assets.  There is a six-member committee that is appointed by the principal to oversee the fund.  There is a member from Grace Lutheran, Our Savior Lutheran, and Mount Olive Lutheran in addition to three members from Christ Lutheran.  The foundation is allowed to use 5% of annual interest to use for the school.  These funds are used to help fund the CLS tuition assistance fund, donate to the Omaha Scholarship Fund, give $10 for each K-8 student to attend field trips, pay for the FACTS SIS system, and reduce the overall budget.  We hope to grow the amount of the foundation so more funds can be used to bless our families and staff!  

2024 Activities Center Building Maintenance Fund

The school foundation also oversees the 2024 Activities Center Building Maintenance Fund.  This fund was established in 2022.  Money put in this fund will help offset cost to maintain the new 2024 Activities Center Building that was dedicated in October of 2023.  

Current Building Needs Fund

We are always looking to upgrade our facilities at CLS as evidenced by our 2024 Activities Center project!  However, over the past few years, we have also made upgrades to the other parts of the school using the current building needs fund.  These include our 84’ bathroom upgrades, JR high lockers, carpeted hallways in both the 84’ and 04’ buildings, new sinks and countertops in classrooms in the 84’ building, and contributions to the 2024 Activities Center. 

Teacher Wish List Fund

Teachers have all sorts of wants and needs within the classroom!  With this fund, money donated is set aside and used to help our teachers as needs arise throughout the year.  Often, these items are outside the general budget.  Items purchased from this fund are PE equipment, desks, curriculum, STEAM materials, chairs, and white boards.  


STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math education.  Monies used in this fund go to help with STEAM activities at CLS.  In 2023, CLS started a Lego League Robotics team made of students that qualified using the schools gifted and talented requirements.  The team will compete in the state competition in mid-March.  

Specific Items

There are a few items needed at the school that will be purchased only through donations.

  1. Ice Maker for the kitchen:  $2,800